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Wedding discussion.

We intended to create a chat room and a forum for engaged  people in Lebanon and abroad to discuss their common
problems and issues regarding the preparation of their wedding ceremony (the dress , the flowers , the photo and video ,
the venue , the catering etc. )

As the preparation procedure is time consuming and very stressful for the couples, the right thing to keep in mind is to
discuss this procedure with people with the same interest in real time ,with online  interactive messaging .

Omnia production noticed the stress of the wedding planning, from the simplest detail to the final outcome and wants
to contribute to resolve it, by talking together, in a community of engaged people and professionals .

Ask people , ask friends , ask professionals even family members from the comfort of your seat , have fun preparing your
wedding…Come and join us in our chat room to discuss .

Hoping that will help you , we’ll be glad to contribute in relieving the stressful groundwork .

Omnia Production – Lebanon .
Roger Abi Mansour .